Asphalt Wheel Tracker
Hamburg Wheel Tracking Test

The GCTS  Hamburg Wheel-Tracking Tester was designed for the simple performance of the Hamburg Wheel Tracking Test. During this test, a disk-shaped asphalt specimen is submerged in a temperature-controlled water bath while a wheel rolls back and forth over the specimen with a constant load. The permanent deformation of the specimen is measured throughout the test.


Test specifications can be found in the AASHTO T 324 standard. 


For more information on the GCTS HWTT-100, please click here.


A constant load of 705 N ±4.5 N is applied to the specimens with a sinusoidal wheel speed of 1 ft/sec in a constant temperature controlled water bath up to 70 °C (± 1.0 °C). Continuous measurements of permanent deformations along the path of the rolling wheel are made with an LVDT jig.

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