Asphalt Mixture Performance Testing System
AMPT-15 Asphalt Mixture Performance Tester

  • Electro-Hydraulic Digital Servo Control
  • Temperature control range from -4 °C to +70 °C
  • Temperature accuracy of 0.2%
  • 15 kN static axial load capacity
  • 13.5 kN dynamic axial load capacity
  • 50 mm (± 25 mm) stroke
  • 250 kPa confining pressure capacity
  • Frequencies up to 70 Hz
  • Modular design with accurate and easy to use software and electronics
  • Meets the NCHRP 9-19, 9-29, AASHTO TP79, AASHTO T342/TP62
  • Optional fixtures for range of Asphalt tests, including dynamic complex modulus, flow time, flow number, indirect tension, beam flexural fatigue, and direct tension tests

The AMPT-15 is servo-hydraulic Asphalt Mixture Performance Tester designed to perform dynamic modulus, flow number and flow time tests as specified by NCHRP, AASHTO and other relevant standards.  The AMPT-15 is designed to maximize the test efficiency through intuitive design and innovative software.


The tests are performed at a range of temperatures and frequencies to simulate the traffic loading and environmental conditions. The test results are used as design inputs in the mechanistic pavement mix design. The AMPT-15 automatically performs the specified standard tests with minimal user intervention. 


GCTS offers a remote test monitoring package allowing the user to check the status of any test via a smartphone app.

System Specifications:

  • 15 kN static load capacity
  • 13.5 dynamic load capacity
  • 70 Hz maximum testing frequency
  • 50 mm actuator stroke
  • -4°C to +70°C temperature control
  • 0.2% temperature control accuracy
  • 250 kPa confining pressure capacity


Transducer Specifications:

  • 22 kN load cell
  • 345 kPa pressure sensor
  • 50 mm actuator LVDT
  • +/-1 mm displacement sensor
  • -50°C to +250°C temperature sensor