Uniaxial Test for Rocks
Uniaxial Test

The GCTS Uniaxial Testing System was designed to easily perform uniaxial compression and uniaxial tension tests on a rock specimen. Through the use of advanced software and a closed-loop, electro-hydraulic servo, these tests can be automated, resulting in very little input from the operator. 


The GCTS Uniaxial Testing System features:


  • Load capacity up to 4500 kN (1000 kips) for both tension and compression tests
  • Frame stiffness of 4300 kN/mm
  • Can perform static or dynamic tests
  • Capable of performing bending, indirect tension, fracture, creep, and other material tests
  • Can be used with a GCTS triaxial cell to perform triaxial tests
  • Other load capacities and specimen dimensions available

The GCTS Uniaxial Testing System is capable of performing static or dynamic uniaxial tension and compression tests as well as numerous other tests that can be used to determine the strength parameters of a rock specimen. The system features a closed-loop, electro-hydraulic servo, which, in conjunction with advanced GCTS software, can completely automate the testing procedure.

Please contact GCTS for full specifications.