Rapid Triaial Rock Testing Equipment
RTR-1000 Rapid Triaxial Rock Testing System

The GCTS RTR-1000 Triaxial Testing System was designed for fast and easy specimen setup and can accommodate a large range of tests such as triaxial, ultrasonic, direct tension, permeability, resistivity and many more. Quick assembly/disassembly of the cell is effortlessly accomplished with the push of a single button. No bolts or other fasteners are necessary for assembly, giving the user a faster and easier setup and therefore testing in no time.


  • GCTS High Pressure Triaxial cell with hydraulic lift/lock for rapid, easy and safe operation.
  • Ideal for production test facilities.
  • Load capacity of 1,000 kN (340 kips) & stiffness of 2,000 kN/mm
  • Larger load capacities available upon request
  • Closed-loop digital servo control
  • Integrated confining & pore pressure panel with dual intensifiers
  • Pressures up to either 70 MPa or 140 MPa
  • Specimen diameter of 60 mm
  • 24 electrical feed thru lines (6 connectors) for internal instrumentation such as load cells, LVDT’s, thermocouples, ultrasonic velocity, & acoustic emission sensors.
  • Economical “turn-key” systems built to customer specifications.



The GCTS Rapid Triaxial Systems are typically operated with our new digital servo control and data acquisition package that includes Windows compatible testing software and digital signal conditioning system.


An Automatic hydraulic lift and a sliding base for the triaxial cell are included with this system for fast and easy specimen setup. Fast assembly/disassembly of the cell is achieved with the push of a single button. No bolts or other fasteners are used to assemble the triaxial cell, resulting in more time dedicated to testing.



  • 1000 kN axial load capacity
  • 140 MPa confining pressure capacity
  • 1750 kN/mm frame stiffness
  • NX diameter specimen
  • Temperature control to 200°C


Please contact GCTS for full specifications.