Large-Scale Triaxial Cell for Soils
Testing accessories and preparation equipment
TRX-600 Large-Scale Soil Triaxial Cell

The GCTS TRX-600 Large-Scale Soil Triaxial Cell is excellent for large-scale testing of soils with coarse particles in static or dynamic mode. It also very well suited for testing ballast material composed of crushed gravels and other sharp particles.


  • Accepts specimen with a 300 mm diameter and 700 mm height
  • 1,000 kPa (150 psi) pressure capacity
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Light-weight reinforced acrylic cell wall
  • Top and bottom specimen drainage.
  • Low-friction graphite seal.
  • Hardened stainless steel loading piston and extra-precision ball bushing guide.
  • Rigid loading connection for stress reversal
  • External or internal load cells and LVDTs
  • Feed-through connectors for GCTS axial and radial strain measurement devices and other transducers.
  • Complete testing systems available from GCTS


The stainless steel-constructed Large-Scale Soil Triaxial Cell (TRX-600) is ideal for static or dynamic testing of soils with coarse particles. It is also well suited for testing ballast material composed of crushed gravels and other sharp particles.


The TRX-600 accepts specimens with diameters up to 300 mm and length of 700 mm. The standard unit features a light-weight, see-through Plexiglas cell wall reinforced with anodized aluminum rings. The ductility of metal rings offers an additional safety factor in case the acrylic cell wall is accidentally damaged.


The TRX-600 includes a stainless steel, extra-precision ball bearing to guide the loading shaft. Both swivel loading buttons and rigid threaded connectors are provided with this cell. The swivel buttons allow the top cap to rotate during loading. The threaded adaptor is used for a rigid connection, imposing a different boundary condition by forcing the axial deformation to be uniform. Stress reversal is easily applied with this adaptor. A split compaction mold is also included with this cell.


Available options include the GCTS DEF-S1600 Submersible internal instrument to measure axial and radial strains. This device can be provided with two or three axial gages and one or two circumferential gages. Also available are pneumatic vibratory compactors with adjustable frequency. Complete testing systems, including dynamic load frames, pressure panels, and servo control, can be provided by GCTS. GCTS can also provide reinforced sample membranes that minimize punctures and membrane penetration while offering a low stretch resistance.


Please contact GCTS for full specifications.