Unsaturated Triaxial Double Cell for Soils
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TRX-2C Unsaturated Soils Triaxial Double Cell

With its stainless steel construction, the GCTS TRX-2C Unsaturated Soil Triaxial Double Cell is excellent for providing highly accurate results when triaxial testing unsaturated soils.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • 2,000 kPa (300 psi) capacity
  • Double external cell wall ( internal tie rods)
  • Top pore-air ,bottom pore-water, bottom flushing, and independent internal & external cell pressure/drainage ports
  • Sealed electrical feed-through connectors for internal instrumentation including deformation device, ultrasonic velocity, mid-plane pore pressure, and other sensors
  • Specimen platens with easily interchangeable HAEV ceramic discs
  • Stiff, low-friction loading piston & graphite seal
  • High-ductility metallic reinforcement rings


The GCTS Unsaturated Soils Triaxial Double Wall Cell (TRX-2C) is designed with two cell walls to prevent differential pressure changes for the inner wall while changing the confining pressure, thus eliminating volume change errors due to cell expansion typically associated with single cell units. This also limits the amount of disturbance caused in the specimen, as the outer cell wall is lowered around the specimen after it is prepared.


The triaxial cell is constructed of stainless steel and accommodates cylindrical specimens up to 70 mm in diameter with a length to diameter ratio between 2 and 2.5. The system features a see-through Plexiglas external double cell wall and a stiff loading piston with a low friction graphite seal.


At the bottom of the cell are ball valves and quick disconnect fittings for top drainage & pore water pressure, bottom drainage & pore water pressure, bottom flushing, internal confining fluid pressure and external confining fluid pressure. A bleeding port is also provided at the top of the cell. Included is an internal spherical seat loading connection set and a rigid loading connection for stress reversal.


The standard unit also includes 4 sealed electrical feed-through connectors to accommodate different type of sensors, like load cells, LVDTs, ultrasonic transducers, etc. The unit also includes four plugs for sealing the feed-through connectors while not in use.



Please contact GCTS for full specifications.