High Pressure Triaxial Apparatus
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HTRX-070 High Pressure Triaxial Cell

The GCTS HTRX-070 High Pressure Triaxial Cell was professionally engineered for testing stress and strain behaviors of rock specimens with great accuracy and precision. Its intuitive design also makes for hassle free testing.


  • 70 MPa (10,000 psi) pressure & 1,000 kN (225 kips) axial load capacity.
  • Higher pressures up to 210 MPa (30,000 psi) available.
  • Hardened stainless steel construction.
  • Accepts samples with a diameter from 25 mm to 63.5 mm and with a length of 2 times the diameter.
  • Upper platen provided with a spherical seat to compensate for non-parallel specimen ends.
  • Top & bottom pore pressure plumbing provided for effective stress and permeability measurements.
  • Electrical feed-through connectors for GCTS axial and circumferential deformation measurement devices, ultrasonic sensors, and other special transducers.




  • Axial and circumferential deformation measurement system.
  • Platens with ultrasonic transducers for P- &
    S-wave velocity measurements.
  • High temperature control subsystem for testing at up to 150 C.

The GCTS High Pressure Triaxial Cell was designed for testing 75 mm (3 inch) rock specimens with lengths of up to 127 mm at confining pressures of up to 70 MPa and axial loads of up to 1,000 kN. Other specimen diameters can also be tested with the use of optional platens.


The 127 mm inside diameter of the cell wall and the electrical feed-through connectors installed at the cell base allow the use of in-vessel instrumentation for precise measurements of deformation modulus and Poisson’s ratio. The standard specimen platens have O-ring grooves for sealing the specimen jacket and an upper spherical seat to minimize stress concentrations due to non-parallel specimen ends. Pore fluid lines and ports for both, upper and lower platens, are also standard for effective stress and permeability measurements.

Cell and pore fluid connectors are provided at the cell base for easy interface with either the GCTS computer servo- controlled pressure intensifier or the GCTS air/oil pressure booster system. A loading piston with spherical seating is also provided with this triaxial cell.

Please contact GCTS for full specifications.