Beam Flexural Fatigue
BFFA Beam Flexural Fatigue Apparatus

The GCTS Beam Flexural Fatigue Apparatus (BFFA) is a cost-effective solution for conducting Beam Flexural Fatigue tests on Hot Mix and Warm Mix Asphalt (HMA & WMA) prismatic specimens while utilizing an existing load frame, such as a Universal Testing Machine (UTM).

The GCTS BFFA Beam Flexural Fatigue Apparatus is designed to conduct Beam Flexure Fatigue Tests on prismatic specimens while using an existing load frame to maximize the resource utilization in an Asphalt testing laboratory. The BFFA fixture requires a dynamic load frame capable of applying 5 kN loads at frequencies up to 10 Hz. 

The BFFA fixture includes the loading jig, an LVDT deformation sensor with +/- 1 mm range and a 5 kN capacity load cell. GCTS offers an optional Environmental Chamber for temperature control along with the signal conditioning and data acquisition system for the deformation and load sensors.


GCTS also offers stand-alone, tabletop units with pneumatic, hydraulic, or electro-mechanical actuators for use when a dedicated load frame is not available. 

System Specifications:

  • 4-point loading jig
  • +/- 1 mm range LVDT sensor
  • +/- 5 kN capacity load cell
  • 75mm x 75mm x 381mm specimen dimensions
  • Requires a suitable load frame