Compressional Wave Velocity Test Equipment
Testing accessories and preparation equipment
ULT-2 Compressional Wave Velocity Test System

  • 40 MHz sampling rate with 16-bit resolution
  • Smart software features for accurate measurement of wave velocities
  • Ultrasonic velocity measurements of compression waves
  • Designed to integrate with GCTS Point Load Tester
  • Data used to better estimate the UCS value of point load specimens
  • Digitally controlled pulser and receiver
  • State-of-the-art software for data acquisition, analysis, storage, plotting, & reporting

The ULT-2 Ultrasonic Velocity Test System is designed to obtain compressional wave velocities in specimens.  The ULT-2 can easily integrate with the GCTS PLT Point Load Testers to capture the P-wave velocity of test specimens during loading at any specified internal. The new hardware and software utilize the latest technology to allow for precise determination of wave velocities.


With the ULT-2 the user also has the ability to control the pulse signal polarity, the pulse duration, and number of pulses to stack.  The ULT-200 system uses a fast-acting pulser that provides excitation to the ultrasonic sensor and an ultra high speed Analog-to-digital converter for storing the resulting waveforms signals.  The sampling rate can be selected from 40 MHz to a sampling rate as low as 156 Hz allowing the user to capture a wide range of ultrasonic signals. 


Within the CATS Ultrasonic software the user is able to digitally control the receiver and pulser ensuring an easy setup and high degree of repeatability.


This system is provided with software developed by GCTS that allows for automatic measurement while performing a point load test, unconfined compression or similar. The ultrasonic data can be collected at any specified interval, such as time, stress, strain or any other test parameter.