Asphalt Mixture Performance Testing System
AMPT-15 Asphalt Mixture Performance Tester

The GCTS Asphalt Mixture Performance Tester (AMPT-15) was designed to easily perform a full range of asphalt tests according to AASHTO, ASTM, and NCHRP standards. The small profile of the mobile cart and economical price point makes it an ideal system for testing laboratories and universities around the world.


Accessories are available for the AMPT-15 to perform a wide range of asphalt tests, including:

  • Dynamic modulus
  • Flow time
  • Flow number
  • Resilient modulus
  • Beam flexural fatigue
  • Indirect tension
  • Semi-circular bending
  • Texas Overlay
  • Direct tension (SVECD) 

The AMPT-15 is servo-hydraulic Asphalt Mixture Performance Tester designed to perform dynamic modulus, flow number and flow time tests as specified by NCHRP, AASHTO and other relevant standards.  The AMPT-15 is designed to maximize the test efficiency through intuitive design and innovative software.


The tests are performed at a range of temperatures and frequencies to simulate the traffic loading and environmental conditions. The test results are used as design inputs in the mechanistic pavement mix design. The AMPT-15 automatically performs the specified standard tests with minimal user intervention. 


GCTS offers a remote test monitoring package allowing the user to check the status of any test via a smartphone app.

Meets the following test standards:

  • AASHTO T 378
  • AASHTO T 342
  • AASHTO R 84
  • NCHRP 9-19
  • NCHRP 9-29


System Specifications:

  • 19 kN static load capacity
  • 17 dynamic load capacity
  • 70 Hz maximum testing frequency
  • 50 mm actuator stroke
  • 0°C to +60°C temperature control
  • 0.2% temperature control accuracy
  • 250 kPa confining pressure capacity


Transducer Specifications:

  • 22 kN load cell
  • 345 kPa pressure sensor
  • 50 mm actuator LVDT
  • +/-1 mm displacement sensor
  • -50°C to +250°C temperature sensor