Triaxial Test for Frozen Soils
Frozen Soil Tests

The GCTS Frozen Soil Triaxial System was designed to study the formation of gas hydrates within soil samples and to characterize the geomechanical properties and response of hydrate-laden soils and rocks found mainly within ocean sediments on the continental margins and embedded in regions of permafrost.


The GCTS Frozen Soil Triaxial System features:


  • 200 kN (44 kips) axial load & 21 MPA (3000 psi) pressure capacity
  • Allows for testing of geomechanical properties during formation of gas hydrates within soil samples 
  • Computer temperature control to -30°C
  • High temperature control up to +150°C
  • Electro-hydraulic closed-loop digital servo control
  • Software modules for the performance of UU, CU, and CD static tests with stress path control and dynamic tests such as cyclic strength, modulus/damping measurement, resilient modulus, and liquefaction

The GCTS Frozen Soils Testing Equipment is capable of performing isotropic and anisotropic consolidation, UU, CD, and CU triaxial tests with volume change or pore pressure measurements, stress/strain path tests, K0 consolidation, cyclic loading including cyclic stress paths and other tests. This system is also capable of performing flexible-wall permeability tests. The FSTX system complies with ASTM D3999 and D5311 specifications.


The GCTS Frozen Soils Testing System uses a computer-controlled metering valve and internal copper vaporization coil for the precise control of test temperatures. It includes a pump for circulation of bath fluid that circulates inside the triaxial cell and one RTD that can be mounted in the top of the triaxial cell. Also included is an efficient cooling/heating device that allows for temperature control between –20oC and +150oC (optional cooling unit for –30oC) without requiring external Liquid Nitrogen (LN2). GCTS provides other necessary components, such as the gas delivery system, gas/water mixing tank, flow meters, and volume change devices, making this system completely “turn-key.”


Please contact GCTS for full specifications.