Rapid Triaxial Testing System for Rocks
RTR-2000 Rapid Triaxial Rock Testing System

The GCTS RTR-2000 Rapid Triaxial Rock Testing System was designed to perform rock triaxial tests simply, quickly, and accurately. It features a closed-loop, digitally servo controlled axial actuator for performing accurate triaxial and unconfined compression tests on rock specimens. An automatic hydraulic lift and sliding base for the triaxial cell simplifies specimen preparation and advanced software allows for a completely automated testing procedure.


  • Static and dynamic axial loading
  • Closed-loop digital servo control of axial actuator with a capacity of 2000 kN
  • Cell pressure capacity of up to 210 MPa
  • Frame stiffness of 10 MN/mm
  • Automated cell assembly
  • Meets all ASTM and ISRM specifications
  • Optional temperature control up to 200°C

The GCTS Rapid Triaxial Rock Test System is a closed-loop digitally servo controlled apparatus developed for accurately performing easy and quick triaxial and unconfined tests on rock specimens. In addition, the system is also capable of performing permeability, hydraulic fracturing, indirect tension, and many other advanced rock tests. 

  • 2000 kN axial load capacity
  • 140 MPa confining pressure capacity
  • 10000 kN/mm frame stiffness
  • 100 mm maximum specimen diameter


Please contact GCTS for full specifications.