Dynamic Modulus Equipment
Dynamic Modulus Test

The GCTS Asphalt Testing Systems are ideal for testing the dynamic modulus of asphalt samples. These systems are modular, allowing many different tests, including indirect tension, beam fatigue, and resilient modulus tests, to be performed. They can also be configured with an environmental chamber, allowing temperature to be controlled during testing. 


The GCTS Asphalt Testing Systems feature:


  • Complete "turn-key" automation
  • Modular design to perform a variety of tests using accurate software and electronics
  • Electro-Hydraulic or Electro-Pneumatic digital servo control of axial load
  • Systems with up to 100 kN dynamic load capacity
  • Loading frequencies up to 70 Hz
  • Conforms to AASHTO Standard T 342 for Dynamic Modulus Tests

The GCTS Asphalt Testing Systems are modular devices capable of performing a wide variety of asphalt tests. These include dynamic modulus, resilient modulus, beam fatigue, flow number, flow time, indirect tension, and more. Certain systems can apply loads up to 100 kN and are either electro-hydraulic or electro-pneumatic digital servo controlled. They can also be fitted with environmental chambers to allow for testing at a large variety of temperatures. 

Please contact GCTS for full specifications.