Gyratory Compaction Equipment
Gyratory Compaction

The GCTS Superpave Gyratory Compactor was designed to easily prepare cylindrical asphalt specimens while following all AASHTO standards. This machine utilizes self-heating molds and advanced software to precisely control all aspects of the preparation. The system also measures the shear stress required for compaction. 


The Superpave Gyratory Compactor features:

  • Closed-loop digital servo control of ram pressure and tilt angle
  • Maximum specimen diameter of 6 inches 
  • Normal load capacity of 18 kN
  • Gyration angle of 0.02 to 3.00 degrees
  • Gyration rate if 1 to 60 per minute
  • Conforms to AASHTO Standard T 312

The GCTS Gyratory Compactor is an extremely accurate, computer-controlled machine that creates exceptional asphalt specimen. The computer control of the tilt angle, gyration rate, and axial load as well as the self-heating molds make this device very simple to set up and use. Since it can perform at multiple temperatures and create both 4 inch and 6 inch diameter specimens, this single device can create a wide variety of specimens. This system can also calculate the shear stress required for compaction.

Please contact GCTS for full specifications.