Beam Flexural Fatigue Test
Beam Flexural Fatigue Test

The GCTS Beam Fatigue Testing Equipment was designed to test the fatigue life of a beam of Hot Mix Asphalt. These tests are computer-controlled and can be performed under either constant stress or constant strain conditions. 


GCTS offers two solutions for Beam Fatigue testing - a fixture to be used in any standard load frame and a complete stand-along testing system. 


For more information on the apparatus for use in existing load frames, please see our Beam Flexural Fatigue Apparatus.


For more information on the economical, stand-alone system, please see our Beam Flexural Fatigue Testing System.

The Bending Beam Flexural Fatigue Test, also known as the Beam Fatigue Test, was developed to determine the fatigue life of the Hot Mix or Warm Mix Asphalt layer (HMA or WMA) in the Pavement structure. The Beam Fatigue test is conducted by applying repetitive loading on a prismatic specimen under stress-controlled or strain-controlled conditions.  The repetitive loading simulates the traffic loading conditions.  GCTS had developed the Beam Flexural Fatigue Equipment along with the software to perform the test according to the AASHTO, ASTM and EN standards while also allowing the user to perform custom loading conditions for research purposes. 

Relevant Standards


  • AASHTO T321 Standard Method for Determining the Fatigue Life of Compacted Asphalt Mixtures Subjected to Repeated Flexural Bending  
  • EN 12697-24 Bituminous mixtures. Test methods. Resistance to fatigue
  • EN 12697-26 Bituminous mixtures. Test methods. Stiffness