Direct Shear Test for Soils
Direct Shear Test

The GCTS Direct Shear Testing Systems are ideal for performing direct shear tests on soil specimens to determine the shear strength, angle of internal friction, and cohesion of the soil. Through the use of advanced electronics and software, the testing procedure can be completely automated and is extremely accurate.


The GCTS Direct Shear Testing Systems feature:


  • Complete "turn-key" automation
  • Closed-loop servo control of double acting (push/pull) shear load actuators with up to 1000 kN (100 ton) capacity and up to ±50 mm stroke
  • Axial actuator with up to 50 kN capacity and up to 50 mm stroke
  • Rectangular or cylindrical specimens up to 300 mm in side or diameter
  • Can perform constant normal stress or constant normal stiffness tests
  • Systems available to meet all needs for load capacity and specimen dimensions



Relevant Standards


ASTM D3080 / D3080M Standard Test Method for Direct Shear Test of Soils Under Consolidated Drained Conditions

The GCTS Direct Shear Systems feature electro-hydraulic closed-loop digital servo control of the shear and normal load actuators. This allows for complete automation of the testing procedure, making performance of the test simple and accurate. The systems can easily perform both constant normal stiffness and constant normal stress tests. 

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