Resilient Modulus Test for Soils
Resilient Modulus Test

The GCTS Resilient Modulus Testing Systems were designed to automatically perform resilient modulus tests on soil specimens with extreme accuracy. These systems are based on the GCTS triaxial systems and can be upgraded to perform triaxial tests as well as resilient modulus tests. 


The GCTS Resilient Modulus Systems feature:


  • Complete "turn-key" automation
  • Electro-hydraulic or electro-pneumatic digital servo control of axial load actuator
  • Software for automatic performance of tests
  • Specimen diameters from 71 mm (2.8 in.) to 150 mm (6 in.)
  • Optional fixtures to perform indirect tension tests



Relevant Standards


ASTM D7369 Standard Test Method for Determining the Resilient Modulus of Bituminous Mixtures by Indirect Tension Test


AASHTO T307 Standard Method of Test for Determining the Resilient Modulus of Soils and Aggregate Materials

The GCTS Resilient Modulus Testing Systems are automated through the use of advanced software and closed-loop control of the axial load and confining pressure. These systems comply with all AASHTO, SHRP, ASTM, and NCHRP test standards. They can also be upgraded to be able to perform liquefaction, cyclic strength, stress path, and conventional triaxial tests. 


These systems can also be used to test asphalt specimens using an optional environmental chamber.

Please contact GCTS for full specifications.