Consolidation Tester
Consolidation Test

The GCTS Consolidation Apparatus was designed to perform consolidation tests easily and with extreme accuracy. This system is capable of performing constant rate of strain (CRS), controlled gradient (CG), and incremental consolidation (STD) tests as well as permeability tests. 


The GCTS Consolidation Apparatus features:


  • Electro-pneumatic servo control
  • 10 kN axial load capacity
  • Automated testing procedure and data collection
  • Custom build for various specimen sizes

The GCTS Consolidation Apparatus is capable of performing a large number of consolidation tests simply and accurately. These tests are performed by applying an axial load to a cylindrical soil specimen and measuring the axial deformation of the specimen. The axial load can be applied at different rates, depending on the test being performed, and can be completely computer-controlled.


Please contact GCTS for full specifications.