Soil-Water Characteristic Curve Tester
Soil-Water Characteristic Curve

The GCTS Soil-Water Characteristic Cell is a simplistic device for testing unsaturated soil to determine the complete Soil-Water Characteristic Curve of the soil. 


The Soil- Water Characteristic Cell features:


  • Complete "turn-key" automation
  • A simulation of vertical pressure
  • Measurement of volume change
  • Measurement of water content
  • 1500 kPa suction capacity
  • Produces both drying and wetting curves
  • Flushing system for diffused air
  • Optional hanging column for 1 to 5 kPa suctions
  • Optional heater to prevent condensation inside the cell during testing

The Fredlund Soil-Water Characteristic Cell is a simple device for determining the soil-water characteristic curve for an unsaturated soil. This is done by applying matric suctions while subjecting the soil to various stress paths. This system is completely "turn-key" and is economically priced. 

For full specifications, please contact GCTS.