Rock Creep Testing Equipment
Rock Creep Test

The GCTS Rock Creep Testing System was engineered for high performance creep testing and is supplemented with indicators, gauges, and software in order to create a simple to use system that enhances the user's experience. The system is capable of operating for several days without continuous power input.


The Rock Creep System features:


  • Capable of 2,000 kN (450 kip) load capacity
  • Greater load capacities available (up to 4,500 kN (1,000 kips))
  • Uninterrupted testing by the use of compressed air over oil pressure system
  • Data acquisition powered by battery to avoid the need of continuous power
  • Available options: axial & circumferential deformation measurement system, platens with ultrasonic transducers, and high/low temperature control subsystem
  • Able to accept other GCTS testing components including GCTS high pressure triaxial cell
  • Ideal for performing long-term creep tests
  • Economical "turn-key" systems built to customer specifications

The GCTS Rock Creep Testing System (RCT-2000) is engineered to perform long term tests without the need of a continuous power input. This system is capable of operating without power for several days by using a compressor with a large tank with data acquisition being powered through the use of a battery. These designs therefore eliminate the need for a power supply such as a power cord and socket that may limit the user. This system operates with only 800 kPa (100 psi) air pressure with minimum flow.  The RCT-2000 includes load and deformation digital indicators along with an analog gauge which allows the user to easily read the applied load. Advanced software and USB based data acquisition are also included in order to simplify the gathering and recording of data and easily interface with the user’s laptop/computer. The RCT-2000 is therefore an ideal system for long-term testing and simple data gathering, thus enhancing the user’s experience.


On-specimen deformation instrumentation can also be provided as well as triaxial cells and other testing components.

Please contact GCTS for full specifications.