Hydraulic Fracturing Test
Hydraulic Fracturing Tests

The GCTS Hydraulic Fracturing Tester can perform fracking, well bore stability, and permeability tests on a rock sample. This machine is designed for maximum precision and accuracy and can perform tests either with or without a confining pressure. 


The Hydraulic Fracturing Tester features:


  • A high-pressure cell with a pressure capacity of 70 MPa (10 ksi)
  • A hydraulic balance to induce a hydrostatic stress state or to apply deviatoric stresses up to 140 MPa (20 ksi) of vertical stress
  • 32 feed-though lines for measurement devices
  • 5 Specimen fluid ports and 2 cell fluid ports
  • Cell wall has a lift mechanism to aid in specimen preparation
  • Systems available with temperature control of up to 200°C (332°F)
  • Other systems available upon request with various confining pressure and axial stress capacities

The GCTS Hydraulic Fracturing Tester can be used to perform fracture tests, well bore stability tests, and permeability tests with or without a confining pressure. These tests can be performed at various temperatures, as an optional temperature control device can control the temperature up to 200°C (332°F). This makes the Hydraulic Fracturing Tester ideal for testing a wide variety of in-situ rock conditions.


The system includes a high-pressure triaxial cell that can withstand a confining pressure of up to 70 MPa (10 ksi) and a hydraulic balance is used to apply either a hydrostatic stress state or apply a deviator stress in the vertical direction of up to 140 MPa (20 ksi). It contains numerous feed-through lines for electronic measuring equipment and multiple fluid ports. 

For full specifications, please contact GCTS.