Triaxial Testing for Rocks
Triaxial Test

GCTS Triaxial Testing Systems are manufactured according to the user’s design specifications. Our expert designing and engineering is sure to meet the user’s every need in rock triaxial testing. Our systems also come with intuitive software to make the testing process that much easier and accurate.


The Triaxial Testing Equipment for Rocks were designed to test numerous rock characteristics in a rapid, automated manner. With a Triaxial Testing System, triaxial, direct tension, resistivity, permeability, and ultrasonic tests can be performed on a rock specimen with ease.


The Triaxial Testing Systems for Rocks feature:


  • A high-pressure triaxial cell that can support pressures from 70 MPa (10 ksi) to 210 MPa (30 ksi)
  • Some systems include rapid triaxial cell that can be assembled and disassembled with a single button, significantly decreasing the time required for specimen preparation
  • Closed-loop servo control of the axial load actuator with load capacities from 1000 kN (225 kips) to 4500 kN (1010 kips)
  • Frames built with a stiffness of up to 10 MN/mm (57 x 106 lb./in.)
  • Includes confining pressure and pore pressure panels with dual intensifiers
  • Numerous feed-through lines for measurement devices inside the cell
  • Advanced software to automatically perform triaxial tests
  • Optional device available to allow for indirect tension (Brazilian) tests
  • Systems available upon request to meet specific needs for specimen size and load capacity
  • Triaxial Systems also available for Soils here.



Relevant Standards 

ASTM D4543 Standard Practices for Preparing Rock Core as Cylindrical Test Specimens and Verifying Conformance to Dimensional and Shape Tolerances


ASTM D7012 Standard Test Methods for Compressive Strength and Elastic Moduli of Intact Rock Core Specimens under Varying States of Stress and Temperatures




The GCTS Triaxial Systems for Rocks are designed to easily perform multiple tests to determine the characteristics of a rock sample. These systems feature a closed-loop, servo-controlled normal load actuator which, when combined with the advanced software developed by GCTS, allow for an automatic testing procedure that requires little input from the operator.


The Rapid Triaxial Systems are designed with the cell wall mounted on a hydraulic lift, allowing for rapid specimen loading into the triaxial cell. This allows the user to spend more time testing and less time preparing the specimen, resulting in an increase in production.

Axial Loads. . . . . . . . . . . . Ranges from 1,000 kN to 4,500 kN axial load.


Frame Stiffness. . . . . . . .  Ranges from 2,000 kN/mm to 10,000 kN/mm


Confining Pressure. . . . . 70, 140, or 210 MPa


Pore Pressure. . . . . . . . . . 70, 140, or 210 MPa


Specimen Size. . . . . . . . . Multiple RTR customization options.

                                                      Model A: 65 mm

                                                      Model L: 100 mm


Please contact GCTS for full specifications