Axial Deformation for Soils
Testing accessories and preparation equipment
DEF-6100-AXC Soil Axial Deformation Device

The GCTS DEF-6100-AXC Soil Axial Deformation Device is ideal for accurately measuring axial strain directly on the specimen. This device is professionally designed to be light yet sturdy to provide best testing conditions.


  • Standard available sizes include: 71 mm, 100 mm, and 150 mm diameter specimens (other sizes optionally available)
  • Horizontally guided to prevent rotation
  • Made of acrylic with lightening holes for minimum mass
  • Can be used for Uniaxial or Triaxial testing
  • Measures axial strains directly on specimen
  • Very easy to setup and use
  • Meets NCHRP requirements

The GCTS Soil Deformation Device (DEF-6100-AXC) measures axial strain directly on a specimen, providing extremely accurate measurements. The device consists of upper and lower support rings that have a low weight but high strength. The GCTS Soil Deformation Device is available in both standard and custom sizes.


The DEF-6100-AXC Internal Axial Measurement Device includes two soft-tipped axial LVDT holder rings and can be used with submersible or standard LVDTs (used with non-conductive media only).


The Transducer supports are split in two halves, clamped using rubber bands and guided in order to prevent rotation or “folding” while allowing for lateral expansion. For soft specimens, the clamps can be set onto the top and bottom platen to prevent damage to the specimen.


Please contact GCTS for full specifications.