Series Pressure Panel & Pressure Volume Control
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PCP-2000 & PVC-100 Series Pressure Panel & Pressure Volume Controller

The GCTS PCP-2000 & PVC-100 Series Pressure Panels and Pressure Volume Controllers have been professionally engineered for providing the most accurate system pressure control or volume control. This advanced system uses hydraulic digital servo control for sustaining required testing conditions for all your testing needs.


  • 0.1 kPa pressure & 0.005 cc volume resolution
  • Static or pulsating pressure application at up to 10 Hz
  • Flow velocities from 0 to 2,000 cc/min
  • 300 cc to 800 cc capacities
  • Select from available models ranging from 1 to 10 MPa
  • Stainless steel construction mounted on steel cabinets complete with calibration gauge, water reservoir, vacuum pump, & necessary plumbing
  • Stiff construction for very low compliance
  • “Turn-key” pressure panel with de-airing tank, vacuum pump, precision gauge, and more
  • Electro-actuated ball valves for automatic operation


The GCTS Pressure Panel & Pressure-Volume Controller (PCP-2000) has been designed to provide accurate system pressure and volume control. The system uses hydraulic or pneumatic digital servo control to maintain the necessary test conditions.


The durability of hydraulic & pneumatic control avoids vibrations, achieves higher pressures, and is more durable and responsive than conventional stepper motor devices. A pressure transducer or external LVDT provides a direct feedback response used in the control process.


The PCP-2000 Pressure Panel includes all the necessary components required for testing soils. System operation is integrated with the easy-to-use GCTS software, which has the flexibility to follow simple or complex test conditions. The system can be used to control confining, internal, or back (pore) pressure.


Check with GCTS to determine material compatibility. Using multiple Pressure-Volume Controllers enables the user to perform complete back-pressure saturation, consolidation, and triaxial loading procedures automatically without user intervention. Other test procedures can also be fully automated using the included electro-actuated ball valves.


Please contact GCTS for full specifications.