Pressure Control Panel for Triaxial Systems
Testing accessories and preparation equipment
PCP-200 Pressure Control Panel

The GCTS PCP-200 Pressure Control Panel provides complete and reliable pressure control for triaxial systems. This system comes with multiple components and with many available options.


  • Complete pressure control for the GCTS triaxial system
  • Single pressure gauge to measure accurate pressure differences with 2.5 kPa (0.5 psi) resolution
  • Includes venturi vacuum pump
  • 1,000 kPa maximum pressure
  • 150 cc volume capacity with a resolution of 0.01 cc
  • Graded water level sight tubes for electronic and manual readings
  • Mounting platform for pressure transducers and necessary plumbing


GCTS pressure control panel provides a complete pressure control for triaxial systems. The volume change device is dual purpose: for triaxial and permeability testing, and 150 cc capacity with 0.01 cc resolution. The system meets ASTM D3999-91 and D5311-92 pore water pressure measurement compliance requirements. The pressure capacity of the panel is up to 1,000 kPa.


Optional systems include PCP-201, PCP-202, and PCP-203-UNS:

PCP-201−COMPUTER CONTROL OF CELL PRESSURE includes one EP-Valve and required fittings.

PCP-202−COMPUTER CONTROL OF BACK PRESSURE includes one EP-pressure valve, one computer controlled ball valve for specimen drain line and required fittings. Required for complete automation of triaxial test including saturation, consolidation, and shear loading stages without user intervention.

PCP-203-UNS−COMPUTER CONTROL OF AIR PORE PRESSURE for specimen suction control (ua − uw). Includes one EP-valve and required fittings.

NOTE: Requires a 1,000-kPa clean, dry air supply.

Please contact GCTS for full specifications.