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Coring Equipment for Asphalt
ACD-150 Coring Machine for Asphalt
The GCTS Laboratory Coring Machine is capable of achieving a large range of spindle speeds to provide optimum performance when ...

CDM Cross Diameter Measurements
The GCTS CDM fixture is designed to measure various parameters across a triaxial cylindrical specimen.  It is based on a s...

Circumferential Velocity Anisotropy Device
CVA-100 Circumferential Velocity Anisotropy Apparatus
The GCTS CVA-100 Circumferential Velocity Anisotropy Apparatus is used to determine the compression P-wave velocities and shear...

Diffused Air Flushing Apparatus
DAF-200 Diffused Air Flushing Device
GCTS Diffused-Air Flushing device is an accessory designed to eliminate diffused air bubbles formed beneath ceramic plates duri...

LVDT Calibration Apparatus
DCD-025 LVDT Calibration Device
The GCTS LVDT Calibration Device provides a very simple and easy to use technique to accurately calibrate a wide variety of LVD...

Rock Deformation Apparatus
DEF-5000 Rock Deformation Device
The GCTS Rock Deformation Device measures axial and lateral strain directly on the specimen providing accurate results. The dev...